Former Sheb. Mayor Bob Ryan due in court following OWI arrest

SHEBOYGAN CO. (WITI) -- Former Sheboygan Mayor Bob Ryan will make his initial court appearance Tuesday, April 23rd after being arrested Sunday, March 3rd for driving drunk.

The reports released indicate Ryan was stopped at approximately 11:54 p.m. while driving east on County Highway XX, near State Highway 67. An officer pulled Ryan over because he was crossing the center line and weaving in his own lane.

After Ryan was pulled over, the officer asked for his driver’s license. Ryan said he did not have it with him. The report says Ryan told the officer “he was the former mayor of Sheboygan.” The officer also indicated Ryan’s “speech was slurred and his eyes were bloodshot and glassy.”

The report indicates Ryan told the officer he had three or four beers that evening. The officer asked Ryan twice to perform a field sobriety test. He refused both times — even after the officer said Ryan would be arrested if he did not take the test.

After the officer arrested Ryan, he found two unopened cans of beer in the car.

The report also indicates that while en route to the jail, Ryan “began commenting that he wished the female Manitowoc Police Officer had arrested him, stating that she was ‘hot’ and ‘smoking.’” Ryan also state that “he would commit a violation in Manitowoc just to be arrested by her.”