'Forced to lay my head in my pee:' Victim testifies against father, stepmother accused in Cudahy torture case

Kevin Boon-Bey

CUDAHY -- The victim in an alleged torture case out of Cudahy took the witness stand Thursday, July 25 during the jury trial for her accused abusers. The 15-year-old's father, Kevin Boon-Bey, 47, and stepmother, Felicia Boon, 35, are each charged with six felonies:

    Kevin Boon-Bey, Felicia Boon

    FOX6 News is not revealing the identity of the victim, who testified for three hours about the abuse she said she endured between August and December 2018. She described the conditions as something similar to the Holocaust.

    "I have not yet healed from this," said the victim. "This is not just a one-day process."

    Highly intelligent and composed in spite of her age and what she's been through, the 15-year-old girl told jurors how her father and stepmother locked her in her bedroom for more than four months.

    Kevin Boon-Bey, Felicia Boon

    "I was forced to lay my head in my pee, and I didn't eat for days," the victim said.

    The victim testified that she was beaten and burned on a daily basis by other teenage girls in the house.

    "With poles, anything hard they could find. The metal parts of belts. Water would be thrown on me -- hot, cold, it didn't matter," the victim said.

    Felicia Boon's attorney noted the victim made statements to her aunt that her stepmother never personally committed any violence against her.

    Felicia Boon

    "Do you remember telling Mrs. Williams you hadn't seen Mrs. Boon in three weeks?" asked William Sulton, Felicia Boon's attorney.

    "Yes," the victim said.

    Boon-Bey, who chose to represent himself, used the time to question his daughter on the witness stand as an opportunity to express his feelings toward her.

    "I still love you. You're my firstborn. I'll still fight for you," Boon-Bey said.

    Kevin Boon-Bey

    Boon-Bey's actions indicated the opposite, according to the victim. She said her stepmother orchestrated the abuse, while her dad did nothing to stop it.

    "She's like, 'If you don't stop crying, I'm going to go back downstairs and let her keep hitting you.' And he's like, 'Go back upstairs. I don't have time for this,'" the victim said.

    The defense also called into question the victim's credibility, asking her about unrelated allegations she made while living at the house -- including being trafficked for sex.