Food vendor sees success with Courthouse cafeteria closed

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- With limited power due to the aftermath of an electrical fire last weekend at the Milwaukee County Courthouse that shut down the Courthouse for all of last week, the cafeteria inside the Courthouse remained closed on Tuesday, July 16th. But the people still have to eat, and area food vendors were happy to help out.

There was little time to talk inside the Eats and Treats food truck on Tuesday afternoon.

With the Courthouse cafeteria closed, Chris Jordan's little red bus was the only food truck in sight.

"I was really excited but kinda scared because it's the one week my full-timer's on vacation, so kind of a sticky situation," Jordan said.

Jordan says he shared the street with several other trucks on Monday, and while many stuck to their routine of heading to Schlitz Park on Tuesdays, Jordan returned to the Courthouse.

"Yesterday was crazy, gangbusters. Today, it's probably double what we did yesterday. The smart ones should be out here. I'm surprised there's not more people than there is," Jordan said.

Jordan says typically, he's at the Courthouse every Thursday. But he has no problem spending the week at the Courthouse -- especially if there's hardly any competition.

"It's really kind of surprising because usually this is a pretty lucrative venue. Any day of the week someone can be down here and we can all be down here and no one showed up. I guess it's to my benefit," Jordan said.

The County Executive's Office says there's no estimate for when the cafeteria will reopen.

Jordan says the reason he came to the Courthouse in the first place is because County officials contacted him and other food vendors to see whether they could come to the Courthouse this week.