Food truck's President Trump sign brings smiles, hungry customers

HAZLETON, Pa. - A business owner in Pennsylvania is using humor to lighten the mood of our current political climate.

When Ricardo Santos moved to Hazleton, he had two simple goals: feed people good food and make them smile.

"I used to be a New York community and I'm a Hazleton community and I want my community to grow with me. That's Ricardo style," Santos tells WNEP.

If you've been by his food truck on North Church Street, you've probably seen this sign that reads, "Mexican food so good Trump wants to build a wall around it."

The sign is attracting customers.

"Everybody I know says this place is phenomenal, so figured I'd give it a whirl," said Mark Fazio.

Santos says he put his first sign up at his other location near Conyngham two years ago. He put this sign up over the summer when he opened this location.

"I said let's do it and have fun. While you have fun, you eat a delicious taco. That's what we decided to do it for," Santos said.

Santos says his signs are not meant to offend anyone. He says they are meant to poke fun at our country's current political climate.

All around his business, you'll find both the Mexican flag and the American flag.

"I took a chance and I came here with a big bag of dreams and $450 worth of goodies to sell it and guess what? We made ourselves a brand, a people like us."

Customers stopping in for lunch tell WNEP they appreciate Santos' effort to bring a smile to their face.

"Nowadays at this point, just get along. It is what it is," Fazio said.

"They stop to take a picture because they see the sign. It's an attraction and I want my community to be a part of the attraction. I want the community that I'm part of to grow as I grow. I want this community to grow with me," Santos added.

Santos' goal is to someday turn his food truck business into a sit-down restaurant in Hazleton.