'Food for your soul:' Couple transitions dance studio's classes to virtual floor

MILWAUKEE -- The world in so many ways has slowed down, which is why a dance studio on Milwaukee's south side is working hard to make sure it doesn't miss a beat.

A place typically filled with energy now sits still. For the past few years, Gustavo and Krystal Nicola have owned and operated their award-winning dance studio. FOX6 News brought you their story last September; the husband and wife fell in love even though, at first, they didn't speak the same language.

Krystal Nicola

Now, like small business owners across Wisconsin, they are trying to keep their business afloat through the COVID-19 pandemic.

"It's social dancing, so everything has to do with touch," said Krystal. "It's a learning curve, but I think we have found a way to be very effective teachers online."

After figuring out some technical issues, they've taken their classes to a virtual dance floor.

Gustavo and Krystal Nicola teach online dance classes

"We always say in the studio, dance is food for your soul," Gustavo said.

Gustavo Nicola

Food for the soul -- something they feel people need now more than ever.

"We see you...those live connections. It's a way to stay on your feet and stay motivated," said Krystal.

The couple is offering classes at a 20% discount for people of all ages, from beginning to expert levels. They also offer dance classes for children -- something they feel families could benefit from.

It's around this time of year that their studio is hard at work preparing for competitions out of state. They made the decision to keep training, despite so many unknowns.

"We are going to keep dancing in the mean-time," Krystal said.

Gustavo and Krystal Nicola teach online dance classes

"If you want to forget about this pandemic and have fun for one hour, call us. We can help," said Gustavo.

They say in these difficult times people need to keep moving because one day, the world will dance together again.