Flores Hall hosting Day of the Dead celebrations all week

Day of the Dead is a traditional ceremony to honor loved ones lost in the Mexican culture. 

"I feel with so many things that are out of our hands, I think the one thing that we can all rely on is family," said Andreas Mercado, Executive Assistant, in charge of operations.

The ones who are alive and lost -- putting a picture and an offering on the altar. 

"The whole point of it is to spend one last night with our family members that we cherish so much. We are celebrating the lives of our lost ones and we bring offerings and those offerings can be their favorite foods or foods you would like to eat with your family. The point is that they’re going to come back to the real life this day at night, so you can have the last meal with your family that has passed on," said Mercado. 

There are COVID-19 precautions -- including temperature checks at the door, hand sanitizer, and a limit of 20 people at the altar at one time. 

"We are trying our hardest to follow those rules so we have hand sanitizer, checking temperatures, please don’t come if you feel any symptoms just to protect us and the community around you," said Mercado.

A day meant for celebration not mourning. 

"I hope they feel a sense of joy and a sense of hope. Honestly, relaxation. I feel that many people are going to think that this is a heavy space, when in fact it is just the opposite it is a celebration of life. It’s a celebration of everything that we can’t necessarily celebrate in life," said Mercado.

If you would like to honor your loved one, the altar at Flores Hall is open everday this wee started at 3 p.m.