Flooded residents north of Milwaukee watch radar closely

MEQUON (WITI) -- With more rain in the forecast, homeowners and emergency officials know the flooding may not be over yet!

Sharon Cardiff's front lawn in Mequon is flooded -- but she is happy.

"We were happy because it's gone down so much from when we left," Cardiff said.

Cardiff was out-of-town for the last few days -- escaping to Manitowoc. After more than 20 years on Shoreland Drive, she has seen what a swollen Milwaukee River can do to her neighborhood.

"It's hard to get in and out because everyone has to park their cars down by Highland and chest-waders, that kind of thing to get down to your car, get groceries...no thanks," Cardiff said.

Mark Owen, the director of Ozaukee County Emergency Management spent Monday, April 15th touring the neighborhood. Although he said the water has receded about a foot, he noted residents are well aware there is more rain on the way.

"I've received a couple phone calls from residences looking for where they can get sandbags and start taking preventative measures before the water would get into their homes," Owen said.

After the next round of rain, Owen says he will continue the surveys in the areas most prone to flooding.

"This area in Mequon is one of the areas I look at as well as downtown Thiensville and there's another section by Saukville I always keep an eye on," Owen said.

Cardiff will also keep an eye on the radar, but says she feels secure, saying she has learned from past floods and raised her house nearly five feet.

"We know our house is safe this time at least," Cardiff said.