Five MPS high school seniors receive $1,000 scholarships

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Gregory Thornton and Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett presented five MPS high school seniors with $1,000 college scholarships Wednesday, November 21st at the Fresh Coast Classic College Fair.

Scholarship recipients include: 

Brittany Austin, (Riverside High School): “I will prove to everyone that I will not be another statistic."

Maria Huck, (Rufus King): “My dad died my freshman year, and since then, I’ve expanded the definition of ‘family.'" 

Aaliyah Rodgers, (Rufus King): “High school seniors are walking a tight rope. They have to set aside time for each aspect of their life or the rope will crumble from beneath their feet leaving them to fall flat on their face." 

Miguel Lomeil, (Milwaukee Hamilton): “The time I spent in Mexico opened my eyes to how cruel the world can be. I was used to life in the United States and the things we take for granted such as water, food, clothing, shelter and education."

Ivonne Rosado, (South Division): “One way I want to help my community is by combating racism. Immigrants are often not considered human beings, more like aliens or monsters. Isn’t our society the true monsters when they discriminate?"

The Fresh Coast Classic began through the Running Rebels Community Organization as a way to get youth more interested in attending college and gain exposure to HBCU’s (Historically Black Colleges and Universities).

The first classic took place in 2007 with more than 4,000 attendees for all of the events.

Currently in its sixth year, the Fresh Coast Classic kicks off with a college fair November 21st, followed by a basketball tournament.