Brown Deer Road construction; slower response times for police, fire

The North Shore Fire Department is on the east side of the closure. The Brown Deer Police Department on the west side. Both are finding ways around the construction to try to quickly get to those who need help. But lately, getting to calls has been difficult.

"There’s been a lot of orange, a lot of construction that’s been happening around this area," said Asst. Chief Toby Carlson with North Shore Fire. 

The construction is just outside of the firehouse.

Traffic is backed up on Brown Deer as crews repair the Wisconsin Railroad crossing – east of 51st and west of Deerwood Drive. The road is under a full closure.

Cars have been coming and going from the parking lot as first responders rush to calls.

"Construction issues like this do provide some challenges, but we really do a nice job of educating our crews," said Carlson.

Response times are being impacted.

Firefighters have been using alternate routes to get to those who need help.

"Response times are very important to us. So, anything we can do to minimize the extra time it’s going to take us to get there," said Carlson.

Further west on Brown Deer Road, the police department is facing similar challenges.

"Our officers are familiar with the area enough that they can find alternate routes rather than Brown Deer Road," said Lt. Joseph Hahn.

Officers are navigating through the mess--to get to calls. They're asking drivers to pay attention.

"Know where the detours are, take those detours and if you do need to access one of the businesses in the construction zone, slow down and drive with caution," said Hahn.

Navigating through a traffic headache, so everyone can stay safe.

"The more often, you’re met with these challenges, I think the more prepared you are," said Carlson.

North Shore Fire is also working with partners like Milwaukee fire--if they can get to calls quicker.

Even asking for some help from Brown Deer police if a call is on the west side of the tracks. 

This is expected to remain closed through July 29th.