First Lady Michelle Obama preaches involvement at appearance in Appleton

APPLETON -- Michelle Obama makes her second campaign stop in Wisconsin, increasing the Obama family's visibility and presence in our state. The first lady's visit to Appleton comes less than a week after President Barack Obama rallied voters in Milwaukee.

Michelle Obama went before the crowd of supporters at Lawrence University to defend her husband's record as President. The first lady also talked to voters about volunteering their time to help President Obama's campaign for re-election. She hopes to grow the grassroots side of the campaign by telling the crowd, "It takes one."

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker says any economic gains in Wisconsin are because of his conservative reforms. He says, "We were proud to run on our record, President Obama is running from his record, and that's why he's been running from Wisconsin, because he doesn't want that kind of contrast."

U.S. Senator Ron Johnson says the Obama campaign's recent high profile visits to the state show the President has a "Wisconsin problem".

First Lady Michelle Obama says she's confident can carry the state and win all of its 10 electoral votes.