First Lady Michelle Obama campaigns in Racine

RACINE -- First lady Michelle Obama visited Racine on Friday, October 19th to campaign for her husband. It was the first of two campaign stops in Wisconsin. The second was set for Wausau.

Michelle Obama spoke to more than 2,000 supporters at Racine’s Memorial Hall/Racine Civic Centre. She encouraged voters to make their way to the polls this election season and also to vote early.

The first lady told the crowd that teachers and firefighters shouldn't pay higher taxes than millionaires and billionaires. She also defended the auto bailout and said her husband had acted against the advice of those who wanted Detroit to go bankrupt.

Wisconsin continues to be a major focus for both President Barack Obama and Republican Mitt Romney. That's because the Dairy State is one of about nine states both sides are competing aggressively to win in an increasingly shrinking electoral map.

Meanwhile, former president Bill Clinton will speak in Green Bay on Friday night. President Clinton’s visit will take place at the Kress Events Center on the UW-Green Bay campus.

For more information about voting early, finding polling places or checking registration status, voters are encouraged to visit