First graders plotted to kill classmate with silica gel, principal says

ANCHORAGE, Alaska – A group of first graders hatched a plan to poison and kill one of their charter school classmates, according to the principal.

The three students, who have since been suspended, planned to use silica gel as the main ingredient, thinking it was toxic, according to KTUU. Despite the "do not eat" warnings, silica gel is not usually toxic.

An Anchorage police spokesperson confirmed that there was indeed a plot to kill another student at Winterberry Charter School in Anchorage last week, but another student helped thwart it by speaking up.

"Three students in the class were planning on using the silica gel packets (these are not actually poison, but the students believed they were) from their lunchtime seaweed to poison and kill another student," read an email sent to parents.

After the suspension the three students are expected to return to school.