Firefighters work in freezing cold battling Waterford blaze

WATERFORD (WITI) -- Almost 30 different fire departments responded to the fire at Martini Mo'z in Waterford Friday morning, January 3rd. Officials say it wasn't just the flames causing problems during the incident -- the weather played a factor as well.

The dangerous cold, wind and ice only added to the work of the responders.

"You're looking at men here that have been out here since 4:00 this morning when it was -18 degrees. They have to be just frozen," said Kurt Baker.

The frigid temperatures not only froze water lines, but firefighters.

"I did not envy their job today," said John Schanning with the Village of Waterford Police.

"We brought in a local bus company to help warm the firefighters and a local first aid station, if you will, came to bring coffee and food," said Fire Chief Rick Huening.

Residents in Waterford say the fire created a devastating loss to the community.

"I'm speechless," said Tony Zakrzewski. "It' s a hundred plus years of history in this town, just gone, just like that."