Firefighter creates new device he says will save lives

A firefighter has created a new device he says will save lives!

Many experts recommend sleeping with a bedroom door closed for fire safety, but not everyone does it.

That’s why one firefighter has come up with a gadget that will automatically close your door in the event of a fire.

Recently, we met up with Joel Sellinger, a firefighter who has worked in the Pacific Northwest for the past 8 years now, an experience that led him to invent a product called LifeDoor.  It’s a 5 minute upgrade Sellinger believes will save lives!

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"It’s proven that closed doors save lives in fires. I’ve seen it firsthand and now we have a device that will make sure your doors closed when it matters the most. Modern homes that we build are full of synthetic materials, fire grows 600% faster than it did just 40 years ago," explained Sellinger.

While experts recommend a closed door while sleeping at night not everyone follows that recommendation, especially kids, which is why LifeDoor automatically shuts a bedroom when a fire alarm is triggered.

"The way to test LifeDoor is just to hold the button down and you’ll hear the LifeDoor activate, that alarm will go, the spring is released, and the door is shut," said Sellinger.

The device consists of a small box you mount behind a door which contains a microphone that listens for the standardized sound of a smoke alarm and when it does - it springs into action!

"It swings the door shut, then it sounds another alarm. Many children will sleep through smoke alarms, so it’s an additional alarm going off, then there’s an LED light will flash," explained Sellinger.

LifeDoor believes a closed door can slow the spread of toxic gasses and heat - crucial extra time to escape or for rescuers to reach you and it might make the difference between life and death.

"Our goal from the beginning has just been to get as many of these out as possible, it’s going to increase the possibility that it’s going to save a life," said Sellinger.

LifeDoor sells for $130 but will it become as ubiquitous as the smoke detector? Only time will tell.

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