Fire & Police Commission bracing for contentious meeting on Schoen Tuesday

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee's Fire and Police Commission is bracing for another contentious meeting on Tuesday, December 11th. The Commission is expected to review a Commission panel's decision to re-instate fired MPD Officer Richard Schoen to the force -- issuing a 60-day suspension against him.

Schoen was fired by Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn after he was seen on dashcam video punching a female suspect, then dragging her out of a squad car by her hair in an MPD garage. Schoen told the Commission panel he was afraid the female suspect would bite him or spit on him. Chief Flynn told the panel Schoen lost control.

At a Fire and Police Commission meeting on Thursday, December 6th, community activists showed up to express their frustrations that the Commission allowed Schoen to have his job back. Their demonstration led to the Commission to announce they would review the panel's decision to re-instate Schoen. 

A meeting to discuss that review is set for Tuesday. The group of community activists told FOX6 News they again plan to make their voices heard on Tuesday.

Khalil Coleman leads the group "Occupy the Hood Milwaukee." This group and others have been protesting against Milwaukee police in recent months. Coleman said he feels the decision to reconsider Schoen's punishment was because of public pressure -- pressure he feels must continue. 

However, Coleman says Tuesday's meeting may be more low key as compared with last Thursday's -- depending upon what happens.

"We still have concerns with what will come out of tomorrow's meeting. It's just a wait-and-see to see what the Fire and Police Commission is going to do, their decision, and see what the chief and the mayor do to follow up after that," Coleman said.

Fire and Police Commission Director Mike Tobin said necessary precautions will be taken to deal with any disturbances at Tuesday's meeting. Tobin would not elaborate on what that meant, and neither would Milwaukee police.

Community activist Tracey Dent, who has worked with "Occupy" and other groups, says the best way to ensure a peaceful meeting is for the commissioners to reverse their decision.

"We're hoping it'll be a positive, in favor of the community, because like I said, we don't need those types of police officers on the streets," Dent said.

The Milwaukee Fire and Police Commission meeting is scheduled for 8:30 Tuesday morning.

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