Fire & Police Comm. to reconsider fate of Richard Schoen

MILWAUKEE -- First he was fired, then reinstated. Now, a Milwaukee police officer still doesn't know if he has a job.

After a chaotic hearing Thursday night, the Milwaukee Fire and Police Commission responded to the pressure by announcing it will reconsider the fate of officer Richard Schoen. The commission has scheduled a hearing to talk about the disciplinary appear of Schoen at 8:30 a.m. on Tuesday, December 11th at City Hall.

Schoen was suspended for 60 days by the Milwaukee Fire and Police Commission earlier this week. This, after Schoen was caught on squad car dashcam video punching a female suspect in the face.

Schoen was fired by Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn, but the Commission chose to reinstate Schoen.

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett maintains that the commission made a mistake by reducing Schoen's punishment. Barrett adds that he cannot remove members of the commission just because they disagree. 

"We certainly are examining all the different remedies, if you will, right now. But it's my understanding that because they have a term of office, that it would take some extraordinary steps to have them removed," said Barrett.

Milwaukee Alderman Bob Donovan worries the current commission members will reverse their decision in response to the protests.

"It would seem to me that some of these individuals will not be satisfied until these demands are met, and then they'll have another series of demands," said Donovan.

The Fire and Police Commission did not indicate whether members will hold a second vote on Schoen. However, the director of the panel, Mike Tobin, says it's a possibility.

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