Financial assistance available for those needing home repairs

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- The fluctuating temperatures we've seen over just the last week can wreak havoc on your home. Last Monday we saw a Wind Chill Warning, and wind chills around -40 -- and one week later, on Sunday, January 12th, we have a high temperature of 40 degrees. Repairing issues inside your home caused by the weather can be costly -- but Milwaukee County has financial help available for those who qualify.

"When I turned my faucets on, there was no hot water," Liliya Lorman said.

For Lorman and her husband, doing everyday tasks like washing dishes, cooking and bathing became bitterly cold tasks.

"It`s not fun to take a shower from heated water from a bucket," Lorman said.

The Lormans' 45-year-old water heater broke down -- and they turned to Milwaukee County for help.

Relying on only their pensions for income, Milwaukee County's Housing Division gave them the help they desperately needed.

"We have a regular loan program which is a 0% interest loan for families that are income qualified and own their own home in the suburban communities of Milwaukee County," Milwaukee County Housing Manager Jean Wolfgang said.

"With this loan at 0% (interest) we are paying $10 per month," Lorman said.

"We encourage people to call now before we have a spring emergency with their foundation or their roof," Wolfgang said.

With a tough economy and tight credit market, families in need are more than thankful for the help.

"In five days it was all set -- including a new heater. It was like magic," Lorman said.

So far, this winter alone, the Milwaukee County Housing Division has assisted about 30 homeowners. It also helps by sending over qualified contractors to give out bids.

For additional information and to see whether you qualify for one of these loans, CLICK HERE to visit the Milwaukee County Housing Division's website.