"Finally I can attack him:" Donald Trump says gloves are off when it comes to Scott Walker

OSKALOOSA, Iowa -- Donald Trump has made another remark at a campaign event in Oskaloosa, Iowa. He says it's open attack season, after a move by one of Walker's supporters.

"I read this horrible statement on his fundraiser about Trump, and I say 'oh finally, I can attack him. Finally," said Trump.

Donald Trump

Trump, making the comments after the Wall Street Journal reports a top Walker fundraiser called the billionaire a 'dumb dumb.'

In an invitation for a Walker event, the fundraiser wrote Trump would be a "total and complete disaster for the country."

"I've been nice to Scott Walker, he's a nice guy. He came up to my office three or four months ago, presented me with a plaque because I helped him with his election.  I like that he was fighting.  I didn't know what the hell he was doing but he was fighting and I like a fighter," said Trump.

The friendship appears to be over.

Saturday, July 25th the New York Times says Trump attacked Walker as a leader, saying Wisconsin is in turmoil.

Trump told the crowd Wisconsin's roads, schools and hospitals are a "disaster."

Walker previously has said he will stay out of verbal battles with his republican competitors. He made an exception for Trump, after the real estate mogul's controversial comments about U.S. Senator, and former Vietnam POW, John McCain.

Governor Scott Walker

"He's not a war hero, he's a war hero because he got captured, I like people that weren't captured," said Trump.

"When someone goes personal and attacks a personal hero, you may agree or disagree with some of his politics. John McCain is an American hero and I will defend him and any other American who has been a POW," said Walker.

Currently, Walker leads Trump in Iowa polls.

"He's the only guy ahead of me, I can't believe I'm in 2nd. I'm finally in 2nd place in Iowa, but he's ahead of me and folks, can you please put me in 1st place so I can feel better?" said Trump.

FOX6 News reached out to Governor Walker's office for comment, as of Saturday, he has not responded to Trump's remarks.