Fight with woman over Filet-O-Fish sandwich lands Racine man in jail: 'Got in her face'

RACINE -- Triston Scarpetta of Racine faces multiple charges after a fight with a woman over a Filet-O-Fish sandwich. Scarpetta, 24, faces the following criminal counts:

    According to the criminal complaint, officers were dispatched to an apartment in Racine on Sunday afternoon, Feb. 9 to investigate an assault report. An officer made contact with a woman who indicated she has lived with Scarpetta for two years. She said "she ordered the defendant a Filet-O-Fish sandwich from McDonald's. (The woman) stated the employees at McDonald's put cheese and tartar sauce on the Filet-O-Fish. (The woman) stated the defendant does not like cheese and tartar sauce" and "became angry" because of how the sandwich was made.

    The woman told police Scarpetta "got in her face," pushed her and caused her to fall, "striking the back of her neck." When she got up, the complaint says Scarpetta "put (the woman) in a chokehold and began choking her." When the woman began to scream, Scarpetta fled the apartment -- taking the woman's cellphone on the way out.

    An officer ultimately located Scarpetta. The complaint says Scarpetta told police "he was in an argument with his girlfriend and both of them pushed each other." The complaint says while Scarpetta was taken into custody, he stated the officer "was lucky that the defendant was in handcuffs."

    Scarpetta made his initial appearance in court on Monday, Feb. 10. Bond was set at $500 -- and Scarpetta is due back in court on April 20.