'Feel like a miracle:' Stranger's donation allows teen hit by car to have handicap-accessible home

Deandre Isom Jr.

MILWAUKEE -- A Milwaukee teen is going home from the hospital thanks in large part to community donations. Deandre Isom Jr. was hit by a car on his way to school in March, and has been in the hospital ever since. The donations will help make his home handicap accessible.

"I feel like a miracle," said Isom Jr.

If you've ever wondered what resilience looks like, meet Deandre Isom Jr.

"Your boy's back and I'm better and I'm going to come back stronger for you all," Isom Jr. said.

Isom Jr. spent the last few months getting treatment at Ascension's Sacred Heart Rehab Hospital at Columbia St. Mary's. It's where he celebrated his 17th birthday missing out on time with friends and family.

Deandre Isom Jr.

In March, Isom Jr. was hit by a car while walking his younger siblings to their bus stop at 27th and Vine. They made it across the street, but Isom Jr. did not.

Latasha James

"We didn't know what his future was going to be and we still kind of don't know but he knows," said Latasha James, Isom Jr.'s aunt.

The last few months Isom Jr. has gotten stronger but the uncertainty of getting him home has become a new challenge. His aunt helped set up a GoFundME page to help make his home handicap accessible.

After sharing the story on FOX6 News, donations poured in including a very generous $3,000 from a stranger.

"We're still lost for words. We're still lost for words," said James.

"I want to thank them a lot. Like I really do," Isom Jr. said.

Deandre Isom Jr.

The money will make things easier for Isom Jr. and pay for a wheelchair ramp, allowing him to get back to focusing on his dreams.

"To get stronger and go back to school so I can graduate no matter if I'm walking or wheeling across the stage," said Isom Jr.

A family overwhelmed by the kindness of strangers and feeling thankful during a time of turmoil.

"Thank you very much and may God bless you," said Isom Jr.

Isom Jr. will finally be going home from the hospital next week. Isom Jr. and his family want to thank the woman who donated $3,000 in person if at all possible. They also want to let the driver of the car that hit him that they have no ill will toward her.

Deandre Isom Jr.