FedEx loses python snake package en-route to delivery

OKLAHOMA (WITI) -- An Oklahoma woman says FedEx lost her rare python snake on one of its planes!

Lesley Marshall ordered a female to breed with her pet snake, Henry.

The snake was supposed to be delivered last Friday, but it wasn't.

The problem is the cold-blooded reptile was quickly running out of heat, and time.

When FedEx couldn't track the snake down, Marshall turned to social media -- and in a matter of hours, someone heard her cry.

"I've never met her, she contacted someone that she knew who works with FedEx, and she pulled some strings about an hour later I got a phone call," said Lesley Marshall, reptile enthusiast.

The snake emerged from her bag and box cold, but alive!

FedEx says they are investigating the incident to figure out what went wrong.