Federal judge sentences Milwaukee pimp to 20 years in prison

MILWAUKEE -- A federal judge has sentenced a Milwaukee pimp to 20 years in prison.

United States Attorney James Santelle announced Wednesday, June 17th that 37-year-old Troy Randle of Milwaukee was sentenced to 20 years imprisonment following Randle’s conviction on two federal sex trafficking counts. The sex trafficking counts involved two separate minor females.

Evidence introduced at Randle’s sentencing showed that he began prostituting both of the child victims when they were just 14 years old and that he prostituted them through their 17th birthdays until his arrest by federal authorities in January of 2014.

Further evidence introduced by the United States showed that Randle’s sex trafficking of these two minors took place in Milwaukee through street prostitution and at hotels; in Chicago, Illinois; Dubuque and Cedar Rapids, Iowa; Ft. Wayne, Indiana; and South Dakota. Randle ordinarily accompanied the victims to these cities and provided the transportation. Randle controlled them through false expressions of love and loyalty as well as through his physical abuse of both. Randle advertised the prostitution services of both victims through postings to Backpage.com.

"The sentence most appropriately imposed on this defendant is a genuine reflection of both the horrific victimization suffered by these two girls and the terrible impact that this type of criminal behavior has on the life and the well-being of our communities. The investigation and prosecution of sex trafficking cases in the Eastern District of Wisconsin is among the highest priorities of my office, and we will continue to pursue the perpetrators of this heinous conduct with all of the resources available to us," Santelle said.