Federal government pulls funding for SDC's Head Start

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- The federal government has pulled funding from Milwaukee County's Social Development Commission that allowed them to run the Head Start preschool program for low-income families. An SDC Board on Thursday evening voted to appeal this ruling.

The federal government has provided noticed to the Social Development Commission (SDC) that it is no longer a finalist for Head Start program funding in Milwaukee County.

The decision to reduce the finalists’ field to three was announced to SDC by the Regional Office of Head Start.

SDC was informed it is no longer among the finalists for the five-year, federally funded awards allocated to operate the preschool program for low income families.

The SDC Board is discussing this unexpected decision.

SDC designed the Head Start model in Milwaukee nearly five decades ago, and it has been successfully replicated around the country.

The Head Start program provides preschool education and health services to low income children, preparing them and their families for success. SDC’s most current program year included oversight of about 3000 children, nearly two-thirds of all Milwaukee County program participants.

Eighteen months ago, for the first time in Head Start history, the federal government introduced nationwide a recompetition grant process to determine local Head Start providers.