Federal appeals court releases more documents in Wisconsin probe

MADISON (AP) — A federal appeals court has released more than 1,300 pages linked to a secret investigation into whether Gov. Scott Walker's recall campaign illegally coordinated with conservative groups.

One of the groups, the Wisconsin Club for Growth, had filed a lawsuit to block the probe. A federal judge halted the investigation in May.

The 7th Circuit Court of Appeals is reviewing that decision. That court released 266 pages of documents in June revealing the nature of the investigation. It had planned to release 34 more documents on Tuesday. Wisconsin Club for Growth, two unnamed parties and prosecutors filed a flurry of motions on Monday asking the court to keep all or some of the documents sealed.

The court ultimately released 1,343 pages on Friday.

The documents show: Governor Walker's recall election campaign told him to instruct donors to give to Wisconsin Club For Growth -- which would then run ads for Walker and distribute money to other conservative groups backing him.

Walker's campaign issued a statement today saying Walker isn't a target in the probe.

Read through the release of documents just below: