FBI wants to bring closure to family of Za'layia Jenkins; "She's not here to celebrate Christmas"

MILWAUKEE -- The FBI wants your help to bring closure to the family of Za'layia Jenkins. She is the nine-year-old girl who was shot while sitting at home back in May. She later died. Jenkins' family says all they want for Christmas is justice.

On May 5th, Jenkins was struck by a stray bullet during a “shootout” between two groups of armed individuals while inside a home near 15th and Meinecke.

She passed away 11 days later.

Za'layia Jenkins

Milwaukee police are the lead investigators in the Jenkins case. In total, $65,000 has been offered as a reward for any information that leads to an arrest and conviction in the case.

All these months later, there is still no one in custody for the girl's death.

Za'layia Jenkins

The FBI offered a $15,000 reward -- and this summer, attorney Michael Hupy put up another $50,000 of his own money to help get information.

Agents told FOX6 News Tuesday, December 20th the case remains active at MPD -- and they are hoping the holidays will be another incentive for potential witnesses to come forward with information.

Nine-year-old Za'layia Jenkins shot near 15th and Meinecke

Jenkins was pronounced dead the day before what would have been her 10th birthday. Investigators say a gun battle erupted near 15th and Meinecke back on May 5th. One of the bullets entered the home the girl was staying in -- ultimately killing her.

"This is a little girl -- a nine-year-old girl who would have been 10 right now. She's not here to celebrate Christmas and that's heartbreaking," said Jason Soule, FBI supervisory special agent.

Jenkins' family said there's just one gift they want this Christmas, and it won't fit under any tree.

Ramona Boone

"Spend Christmas and see everybody else opening up gifts -- but the one gift you want you can`t have," Ramona Boone, Jenkins' great aunt said.

Jenkins' family will spend Christmas without their baby girl. Her pictures blanket their Christmas tree -- serving as memories of happier times.

"What my family is asking for is closure.  That`s all we need," Boone said. "Somebody should make a wrong right. That's all. They should just make a wrong right. If we can get that by Christmas, you cannot imagine how that would lift so much off our hearts."

Za'layia Jenkins' family's Christmas tree -- decorated with photos of her

Nine-year-old Za'layia Jenkins shot near 15th and Meinecke

The FBI will once again put Za'layia Jenkins' picture up on electronic billboards throughout Milwaukee in the hope that someone comes forward.

Anyone with information is urged to contact the Milwaukee Police Department or the FBI.