Father shot, killed in front of children, fiancee after responding to Facebook ad for puppy

JACKSONVILLE, Florida -- A Florida father was shot and killed in front of his children while trying to buy a puppy through Facebook.

Scott Bowman answered an ad from a man who said he was giving a dog away.

Bowman's fiancee said the man insisted on delivering the dog to their house, but became volatile and drunk after they invited him into their home.

Bowman and the man got into a fight, and the man shot him in the chest, as his two children were nearby.

According to WFOX, after the shooting, the eight-year-old and four-year-old ran to their neighbor's home.

“The kids came running up to the door, pounding on it,” neighbor Julie Wood told WFOX.  “They were just terrified and just kept repeating, 'My dad. There’s blood everywhere.'"

Police arrived and arrested the gunman. An investigation is now underway.

Bowman's fiancee said she could hear the suspect banging on the walls and cursing while she was being questioned at the police station.