Father of Azana Salon & Spa shooting victim considering legal action

BROWN DEER -- The father of Maelyn Lind, one of the victims killed in the mass shooting at Azana Salon & Spa, is now speaking out. He says Brown Deer police and the owner of Azana dropped the ball -- and he's hired an attorney.

Maelyn Lind was one of three people killed and four people wounded when Radcliffe Haughton walked into the Azana Salon & Spa on Sunday morning, October 21st and opened fire. Haughton later turned the gun on himself.

Flowers from Lind's funeral sat in a windowsill Thursday, November 1st in a small salon built for Lind by her father inside his warehouse. Keith Hanson, Lind's father, and Lind's oldest daughter, Kaela, now reflect on what they call the worst day of their lives. 

"It was just a shock to all of us, hearing that this had happened," Kaela Lind said.

"She was always laughing. She was always cheering people up. She was just such an incredible person," Hanson said.

Maelyn Lind

Hanson says he can't help but wonder whether the tragedy could have been prevented. He has hired an attorney and is considering legal action against the owner of Azana and the Brown Deer Police Department.

Hanson's concerns are two-fold. Hanson says problems between Zina Haughton and Radcliffe Haughton were well-known. He thinks security could have been tighter at the salon. 

Hanson also says Brown Deer police dropped the ball handling a slew of domestic calls at the Haughton house.

"There were so many mistakes made. There's just so many things that were wrong with this whole deal. It's your duty to protect your employees," Hanson said.

No lawsuit has been filed, but Hanson is open to one. He's calling on other victims' families to be a part of it.

"All of the victims and the victims' families should go all together. I'm more than willing to spearhead this," Hanson said.

Hanson and Kaela Lind know the action they're consider will not bring Maelyn back, but they hope it will open some eyes.

"Learn from the mistakes that happened here so that nobody has to go through what us and other families are going through," Lind said.

Hanson's hopeful a recent letter sent by state legislators to the Brown Deer Police Department will open some eyes as well. He's confident there will be significant changes.

Hanson told FOX6 News Lind's family has been contacted by Azana's insurance company. Attorneys are handling that.

A representative for the Azana Salon & Spa says the owner knew nothing about the domestic abuse between Zina and Radcliffe Haughton.

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