Father of 6-year-old boy who shot, wounded his 9-year-old brother pleads not guilty

MILWAUKEE -- 39-year-old Dominique Phillips, the father of a six-year-old boy who shot his nine-year-old brother on September 21st has pleaded not guilty in the case against him.

Dominique Phillips

Phillips was in court for his preliminary hearing on October 3rd. He faces two charges in this case -- a felony and a misdemeanor:

    There was initially a warrant issued for his arrest, but court records show he was in custody as of September 25th.

    He made his initial appearance in court on September 25th, and a $5,000 signature bond was set.

    Nicole Jackson

    Police arrested 30-year-old Nicole Jackson, the mother in this case, at the home following the shooting that took place near 20th and Hadley.

    She appeared in court on September 24th. A $1,000 signature bond was set, and she was ordered to have no contact with Phillips. A scheduling conference was set for October 17th.

    The shooting happened on September 21st at a home near 20th and Hadley.

    Police say the nine-year-old boy was shot in the back and neck and taken to the hospital for treatment of serious injuries.

    Shooting at 20th and Hadley: 9-year-old boy shot by juvenile family member

    According to a criminal complaint, Jackson told police the six-year-old boy accidentally shot the nine-year-old boy, and that the firearm was located on top of a kitchen cabinet.

    Authorities searched the home and located a black semi-automatic pistol on top of a cabinet.

    When officials asked Jackson who owned the firearm, Jackson stated it belonged to her, and that she put the gun on top of the kitchen cabinet earlier in the day because she was doing some cleaning in her room.

    Nicole Jackson in court

    Authorities say they asked Jackson if the firearm belonged to the six-year-old boy's father, Phillips, she responded "no" and told police Phillips had not been in the home for approximately two to three months. However, when Jackson was interviewed again, she admitted the gun belonged to Phillips -- and told police she last saw him with the gun approximately one week prior.

    Investigators also interviewed the nine-year-old victim in the hospital.

    According to the criminal complaint, the boy stated to police that the gun was Phillips' weapon, and that he saw him put the gun on top of the cabinet where his half-brother found it. The nine-year-old boy told police his little brother stood on the kitchen table, holding the gun, and then fired. The boy said "he felt pain and heard his brother crying."

    Officials say the nine-year-old boy also stated he caught his six-year-old half-brother playing with the gun approximately three weeks prior to the shooting, and he told him not to touch it because it was a dangerous weapon.

    Police investigated the scene as neighbors watched.

    "It's just sad. It's just sad. You should not have guns in the house for kids to play with," said Denise Marshall, neighbor.

    Shooting at 20th and Hadley: 9-year-old boy shot by juvenile family member

    It was determined the six-year-old boy used a chair in the kitchen to climb up on the cabinet to reach the gun.

    Authorities did not find a lock box or gun safe anywhere in the residence.