Fans react to Bucks top draft pick: "He seems like a really cool modest guy"

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Hundreds of fans stood in awe flashing pictures and cheering, to welcome the Bucks top draft pick Jabari Parker to Milwaukee.

"You know the facts about him but it`s pretty cool that now we get to hear him interact. He seems like a really cool modest guy," said Bucks fan Kelsey Noack.

The 19-year-old played one season at Duke University before making his way into the NBA.

Now many Bucks fans are excited to see what Parker will bring to the team.

"We were able to draft a young player that will do really well on offense, even though his defense could use some work but everyone has flaws and I think he will do really well this year," said Bucks fan Jacob Feldmann.

"We need a guy who can put a ball in the bucket and we need a guy who can finish and he can do all that," said Bucks fan Will Haeflinger.

"He`s an excellent player and the Bucks need him to shine," said Bucks fan Tanner Sirrell.

Since Parker is a Chicago native many hope he'll stay in Milwaukee for some time.

"He says he`s happy with Milwaukee So I think he`s a long-term player that will stay here and not get traded away or anything unless he really wants to," said Feldmann.

With new ownership and players, Bucks fans are saying positive changes are on the way but it will take time.

"You just want to see improvement throughout the year. I think it`s going to be a 2 - 3 year process and I`m fine with that," said Haeflinger.

"I feel good, I`m not going to jinx it, but I feel good. I always say championship every year. My students always think I`m crazy but one year it will happen and it will be okay," said Noak.