Family steps up to adopt Soprano, a pot-bellied pig abandoned in a shopping cart in West Bend

WEST BEND -- You know the nursery rhyme: "This little piggy went to market. This little piggy stayed home." Well, the part about the market became reality in West Bend, when a pot-bellied pig was found in a shopping cart at Fleet Farm!

Officials with the Washington County Humane Society suspected someone bought the pig, thinking it wouldn't grow to a large size. FOX6 stopped by Monday, Sept. 30, and in just a few weeks since his rescue, the little guy won over staff, volunteers, and even a family.

"He's super friendly," said Jenni Fischer, animal caregiver at the Washington County Humane Society.

While Soprano is a little guy, he has a big appetite. Officials said he was found with all of his belongings in a cart at Fleet Farm.


"We do see that a lot, when people think they are getting small pigs, and they are bigger than they were expecting," said Jessie Wermager, operations manager at the Washington County Humane Society.

Since Soprano's arrival at the Humane Society on Sept. 18, officials said the trick was keeping his feedings under control.

"They can get obese very quickly!" said Wermager.

When no one claimed Soprano, it was time to put him up for adoption.

"When people walk by, they expect to see dogs, dogs..." said Fisher. "They get to the last kennel, and they're like, 'What is this doing here? Is this really available?!'"

Officials said Soprano won over employees and volunteers in a very short time and indicated occasionally, he appeared to be almost mimicking the habits of other pets.

"He'll run to you like all the other dogs do in potty breaks," said Fischer.

They were thrilled to announce a family stepped up to adopt him.

"The new owners actually used to have pigs and had some time off where they didn't have pigs, and they saw him and fell in love right away," said Wermager.

"It feels awesome," said Fisher. "His story is definitely a 180, from being abandoned to going to a really good home."

Humane Society officials said while they're not here to judge if you are overwhelmed with an animal, they suggested you surrender it and they can help find a new home for the animal.

They also scheduled a Beertasting event in October to raise money for the shelter -- and the care of animals like Soprano:

Saturday, Oct. 12 at WCHS
3650 State Road 60 in Slinger
(Right between Slinger and Jackson)

The Beertasting is an annual event that takes place in October at the shelter. The training room is decorated in fall colors and foliage, getting everyone who enters the room into the autumn spirit. Oktoberfest features over 50 microbrews as well as food. While Oktoberfest-goers test the beers and sample the food they also listen to the sounds of River City Blaskapelle.

Silent auction, raffle, and door prizes are also offered at the event, with all proceeds going to help the shelter animals. Tickets are $30 each or $35 at the door – must be 21 years or older to attend.

For more information contact Debbie at or 262-677-4388. There are many sponsorship opportunities as well – what a fun way to support WCHS!