Family seeksr answers after man shot in the back for his cell phone

A man was gunned down for his cell phone near his home Monday night, and now, the man is fighting for his life.

FOX6's Henry Rosoff spoke with the man's family exclusively Tuesday, about this crime that's about as cold as it gets, and the thieves didn't even take anything.

Neighbors say the victim was coming home from across an ally, and then took out the trash. That's when two men approached him, wanting his cell phone.

It happened around 9:00 Monday night in the ally between 91st Street and 92nd Street in northwest Milwaukee.

"He said 'no,' and tried to walk into his backyard, and he was shot in the back. After they shot him, they didn't even take the cell phone. It was there with him when he was found," Chystine Slack said.

The victim remains at Froedtert Hospital.

His family and friends say they've been asked by Milwaukee police not to identify him, because the investigation is ongoing.

Slack has been at Froedtert with the family since the shooting Monday night.

"They're a mess. We're all a mess. He's in critical condition, back in surgery again, so we're waiting," Slack said.

Slack says crimes like this are relatively new to the area.

"Our streets are wonderful, and everybody looks out for everybody. This is kind of scary. We've had a couple of burglaries in the neighborhood and it's just creepy," Slack said.

Now, everyone in the community is praying for a young man, and for you to help find his shooters.

"We love him, and we need someone to help find these two young men and turn them in," Slack said.

If you have any information about this crime, you're urged to call the Milwaukee Police Tip Line at 414-933-4444.