Family identifies 34-year-old man fatally shot on Milwaukee's east side

Antwon Gibson

MILWAUKEE -- A 34-year-old man was shot and killed near Brady Street and Farwell Avenue Saturday night, Dec. 21 --  not far from the popular Pizza Shuttle restaurant.

Police were on scene around 10 p.m.

"This place is pretty fun, pretty live," said Johnny Saengphonphakdy, whose aunt works in the area. "It's pretty rare for it to happen. I'm pretty much over here a lot."

Family members identified the victim as Antwon Gibson. His cousins said he was a kind person and a loving father.

"You have a lot of high-end clientele living and staying in this area," said a Milwaukee man who was in the neighborhood on Saturday night, as police lights illuminated the block near Farwell and Kane. "Something like that. It was kind of surprising."

When the deadly gunfire erupted, people ran for cover.

Fatal shooting near Farwell and Brady

"Two ladies ran into the restaurant," said Saengphonphakdy.

Saengphonphakdy's aunt was working in a nearby restaurant when it happened and watched as police worked to piece things together.

"She told us today," said Saengphonphakdy. "We couldn't believe what she said to us."

Fatal shooting near Farwell and Brady

First responders worked to save Gibson's life, but his injuries were too severe, and he died at the scene.

"This place here shouldn't be that dangerous," said the Milwaukee man visiting the neighborhood Saturday night. "The guy's family, I feel for them."

Fatal shooting on Farwell Avenue

As of Sunday, police had not released the victim's name, nor further details about what might have led to this incident.