Family dog gets snatched, men call to negotiate ransom

A family that watched their dog get kidnapped was devastated, and ready to pay a reward to get their pet back.

However, the story took a surprising twist Monday when the pet owner set up her own sting operation.

Police surrounded a black car Monday. The woman watching from inside says the two men in the car tried to get ransom money for her stolen dog.

Nicole Przybylka says her dog, 11-week-old Mia, was stolen last Friday from her driveway, and she watched, just feet away, helpless to stop it from happening.

Przybylka says a car drove by, and the person in the passenger seat scooped up the new family puppy.

"I never thought in a million years that I could be standing there and someone would just steal my dog," Przybylka said.

Przybylka's one-year-old Peyton, and three-year-old Jayden were devastated. Przybylka searched for the puppy with her fiance Rich all weekend, and even offered a $100 reward for the dog.

That reward led to a terrifying phone call Monday afternoon.

Przybylka says the caller said he knew who had the dog, but was short on cash and needed $250.

"He was basically telling me to pay for the dog back, or he wasn't giving her back," Przybylka said.

Przybylka says she anxiously agreed to have them drop the dog off at her home. The two men agreed to let the dog go inside, to calm the children down.

"They asked me about the money. I said I didn't have it, and I was waiting for my fiance to show up, and they told me they would wait," Przybylka said.

Przybylka ran inside, locked the door, and called Waukesha police.

The two men told officers they didn't mean any harm. They said they found the dog, and treated her well, and even bought her food.

Police on the scene took down information, and said they'll review the case for possible charges as early as Tuesday, and let the men go.

Przybylka is glad everyone, especially Mia, is safe, but she's also frustrated.

"They called me trying to negotiate a ransom. I mean, there's not charges that can be pressed? I don't understand that," Przybylka said.