Family dog dies in house fire that leads to $150,000 in estimated losses

RACINE (WITI) -- Fire officials in Racine say a dog was killed, and a firefighter was injured in a house fire Tuesday afternoon, November 11th.

It happened at a home on Wind Point Road just before 2:00 p.m.

Fire officials say a neighbor noticed smoke coming from both house chimneys and called 911.

The family dog was the only one home at the time.

The first floor of the home partially collapsed into the basement as firefighters arrived on scene, hampering their efforts to extinguish the fire. The fire also spread up the walls to the second floor of the home.

Fire officials say a firefighter suffered a knee injury while on a ladder, and was taken to the hospital.

It is unclear at this time what caused the fire.

The fire led to $150,000 in estimated losses.