Faith leaders, pastor from Ferguson, MO urge people to get out and vote

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Faith leaders in Milwaukee's central city, along with a pastor from Ferguson, Missouri, urge people to get out and vote. They say if everyone casts a ballot, it will prevent another death like Dontre Hamilton's.

"There are young people who are now buried in their graves who wish they could vote," said Re. Shaun Jones, a pastor with Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Church in Ferguson, Missouri.

Emotions ran high at Milwaukee City Hall. Reverend Jones is imploring people to care about this election.

'It`s a shame that in Ferguson and in Milwaukee, that young black men either walking down the street, or hanging out in the park are being killed every day," said Rev. Jones.

He's talking about Dontre Hamilton, Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin. More than 30 faith leaders at the rally held posters with their faces on them.

Hamilton was shot and killed in Red Arrow Park six months ago, by former MPD Officer Christopher Manney. Manney has since been terminated by Chief Ed Flynn. The police union does not support that decision. An investigation into whether criminal charges will be filed is underway.

Dontre Hamilton's family was at the rally.

"We need to stand together, we need to protect our communities," said Nate Hamilton.

When we asked Dontre Hamilton`s brother what it was like to see the face of Dontre, next to the faces of Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin for a campaign to get out and vote, he said it`s not insensitive. It`s necessary and it`s important.

"We need to look at that deeper than what that picture states, that says 'hey, my rights were violated as a human, my life was taken unfairly and unjustly, so I think need people to come together and vote on my behalf to make sure these things don`t happen to families,'" he said.

"The illness of apathy will not keep us down this time," said Minister Gregory Lewis with St. Gabriel's Church of God and Christ in Milwaukee.

Faith leaders want people to know they have a say when it comes to jobs, education, healthcare or safety.