Facebook changes its 'Like' button, unveils 'Reactions'

NEW YORK -- Facebook is changing the way you like someone's post by giving you more options.  Facebook calls the new feature “Reactions.”

Facebook made the announcement on the Today Show on Wednesday morning.

There’s a throbbing heart for “Love,” a fuming face for “Angry,” a teary-eyed “Sad,” a laughing “Haha,” a surprised “Wow” and an eyes-closed smile for “Yay.”

The changes will be rolled out to users  over the next few days.

Facebook users in Ireland and Spain were the first to be able to express a fuller range of emotions online with a set of new expressions and animated emojis last fall.

“We studied which comments and reactions are most commonly and universally expressed across Facebook, then worked to design an experience around them that was elegant and fun,” Facebook product manager Chris Cox said last year.