Extremes of Sandy: Wind, snow & danger on the East Coast

EAST COAST -- The storm we all know as Sandy has slammed the East Coast with brute force. We've seen the extremes from flooding to wind to blizzard-like snow. Check out the videos below which represent each of those.

This video below was shot in Brick Township, New Jersey. Sandy gave a first-hand lesson on safety around downed power lines. A car actually becomes electrified.

In Jersey City, New Jersey, CNN iReporter George Nikolis shared the following video of fierce winds whipping around his apartment on the Hudson River waterfront. He said it was difficult to stand up and it felt like a freight train was coming through. 

And the last of these extremes from Sandy comes from the parts of the East Coast that experienced blizzard-like conditions. It's not exactly what you'd expect from a hurricane. Take a look.