'Experiences and stories:' Woman's bookstore on wheels delivers Black literature across Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE -- One Milwaukee woman is taking to the streets to share Black literature in a unique way, her bookstore on wheels helping to connect readers of all ages.

A good book can offer knowledge and an escape. Cetonia Weston-Roy hopes to provide both.

"I love how you can transport into a lot of different situations," Weston-Roy said. "I saw a guy selling ice cream on a bike, so I was like, we can probably do that with a bookstore."

Cetonia Weston-Roy's bookstore on wheels

Her bright bookstore on three wheels was parked outside Milwaukee's Sherman Phoenix on Saturday. Debra Becker couldn't pass it up.

"It's fabulous," said Becker. "I got a book of poetry. Something I'm trying to get more into."

There is poetry, politics, autobiographies and much more available. The "book bike" is part of Weston-Roy's "Niche Book Bar" business -- highlighting books by Black authors and with Black main characters.

Cetonia Weston-Roy's bookstore on wheels

"What I'm trying to do with Niche Book Bar is to bring varied Black literature into the forefront," said Weston-Roy. "Kids books that are just about Black kids being kids."

Her mobile mission is important.

"We're not just trauma, we're whole human beings with a variety of experiences and stories," Weston-Roy said.

It was too hot to ride far on Saturday, but Weston-Roy often takes the tricycle around town -- stopping at parks, too.

Cetonia Weston-Roy

"In Bronzeville, I try to do a mile to two miles and ride through the neighborhoods so people can see me," said Weston-Roy. "My ultimate goal is to have a community of readers, and for it to be normalized again."

After a day of successful sales on Saturday, she packed up shop and focused on making many meaningful chapters ahead.

You can find the book bike at Sherman Phoenix on Saturday mornings and at Carver Park on Tuesday evenings.