Excitement ahead of Ann Romney, President Obama rallies this week

MILWAUKEE -- President Barack Obama is expected to make a campaign stop in the Milwaukee on Saturday, September 22nd. There will be two events that day. One will be free and open to the public -- the other is a private campaign fundraiser.

The first is the public event that will be held at Henry Maier Festival Park (Summerfest grounds). The doors for the event open at 2:30 p.m. Saturday.

The free tickets (which are required for entrance) to the event will be available starting at 5 p.m. on Wednesday, September 19th. One ticket per person will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis at the following locations:

    You also learn more about President Obama's Saturday campaign stop by CLICKING HERE.

    Later on Saturday, President Obama will speak at a private campaign fundraiser being held at the Milwaukee Theatre in downtown Milwaukee.

    On Wednesday, hundreds like Wanesha Souder waited near Martin Luther King Dr. and Garfield in hopes of picking up free tickets to President Obama's public event on Milwaukee's Summerfest grounds Saturday.

    "I've always wanted to see the president up close, so I thought this was the perfect opportunity," Souder said.

    Souder and others said they're bolstered by the latest Marquette Law School poll released Wednesday showing the Democratic president leading his Republican challenger Mitt Romney by 14 points in Wisconsin.

    "That's exciting. I'm for Obama all the way, so I just feel like I hope everything is successful. I hope that when he speaks, he encourages people to vote for him," Souder said.

    "I think it's great because Romney don't know us and he's not trying to know us," another Obama supporter said.

    Meanwhile, Samantha Zager and other Marquette University students planning an Ann Romney rally for Thursday, September 20th say the poll numbers will only make them fight harder.

    "I think a lot of people just haven't seen the change that they were promised. The numbers are a little bit disappointing, but I think that means we need to work just that much harder, I think a lot of people are just burned out from the recall," Zager said.

    "Just got to come together and just put a lot more effort into campaigning," another Romney supporter said.

    With long lines of Obama supporters waiting for tickets across the Milwaukee area Wednesday evening, enthusiasm is on President Obama's side for those who buy into Marquette University's latest numbers.

    "I feel like (Obama) represents not just me as a citizen, but also me and all my beliefs and I just wish him the best," Souder said.

    State Representative Jon Richards says President Obama's visit is an opportunity to spread his message of moving the country forward.

    "He stands with the middle class and with people who have preexisting conditions with health care. He is standing with parents who are struggling to make sure their kids go to a good school," Rep. Richards said.

    Rep. Richards says it's important Milwaukee-area voters get an opportunity to hear from President Obama.

    "The Convention really gave us a bounce. We heard so many good things about where the country is going. We heard the opposite side say where they are going to take us and that is back to Bush polices which is something we don`t want. President Obama laid out a compelling vision for the country," Rep. Richards said.