Eviction ban lifted, Milwaukee resources available

The U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday, Aug. 26 blocked the Biden administration from enforcing the eviction ban put in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

After the ruling, some Milwaukee families who have not paid rent are at risk of losing their homes. But there are resources to help.

Resident Rayvun Bradford said she has fallen behind on utilities and rent. The mother of four fears she will soon be evicted.

"I mean, it’s the pandemic, we shouldn’t even have to go through this right now," said Bradford. "It’s too much right now. Yes, I’m afraid."

Bradford talked with FOX6 News outside Community Advocates where she received help Friday.

"I have to fill it out, get in touch with my landlord, have him send in some documents," Bradford said.

Community Advocates, Milwaukee

Community Advocates is working to provide renters and landlords the assistance they need. It is urgent work one day after the court blocked the CDC from enforcing the federal eviction moratorium, ending protections for those who have been unable to pay rent payments.

"It was anticipated that there would be a successful challenge here," said Colleen Foley, executive director of Legal Aid Society of Milwaukee.

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Evictions have happened during the pandemic. Foley expects an uptick.

"We don’t know what that is going to look like because frankly, the landscape has changed dramatically in the last year," said Foley.

Some said the ruling is a victory for landlords and property owners – but don't expect a wave of evictions.

"I think it’s been great for smaller landlords, especially, who have been hurt by this," said Sam Stair with S2 Real Estate Group, who does not expect a wave of evictions. "If they’re worried about getting evicted, just call right away."

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Bradford hopes the help she sought will keep a roof over her head.

"I’m trying to take steps and see what I can do to get everything fixed," Bradford said.

From landlords to lawyers and leaders, everyone says communication between landlord and tenant is key.


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