'Everyone came together:' Milwaukee Historical Society hosts 9/11 World Trade Center Memorial Quilt Project

MILWAUKEE -- As part of a tour around the country, the 9/11 World Trade Center Memorial Quilt Project was displayed at the Milwaukee Historical Society during the week leading up to Memorial Day (Monday, May 27). FOX6's cameras captured it on Tuesday, May 21 -- with the quilt project set to remain on display until May 25.

The quilts were designed and crafted by quilters from around the world, with a goal of remembering those who were lost, celebrating the heroes and ensuring that people do not forget about 9/11.

The name of each of the 2,977 people who died on Sept. 11, 2001 is displayed on the quilts.

Shortly after the attack, a woman in Arizona put a call out for quilt blocks. Beverly Kuemin donated a block -- one of 20,000 from 30 countries.

Beverly Kuemin

"It's a day that everyone came together," said Kuemin.

The memorial quilts were first displayed in 2004 -- but then, they sat in storage for 10 years -- until Kuemin  asked for them.

"Now, I'm the keeper of the quilts, and I'm trying to take it on tour because that was Amy's vision," said Kuemin.

When FOX6 caught up with her Tuesday, Kuemin and her brother Dennis had  taken the quilts throughout the Midwest -- wanting to share the powerful message.

"That's all you want. You want people to see and be able to walk away with not a heavy heart, but just at peace," said Dennis Kuemin.