'Everybody was shocked:' Man pretends to be homeless, hands out $100 to anyone who stopped

PLANTATION, Fla. -- A man pretending to be homeless handed out $100 to anyone who stopped to help him.

It was all caught on camera outside a Target store in South Florida.

In the video, Brian Breach can be seen holding a sign reading: "Homeless -- Just need a little help to feed my family through the holidays."

He came up with the idea a few days before Christmas, as a way to pay it forward during the season of giving. He handed out crisp Benjamin Franklins to anyone who gave him some change.

It left many people speechless.

"I woke up a couple of days before Christmas and there was this video online that really inspired me to give -- so I woke up, I called my videographer. We went over to Target and I held a sign that said, 'Can you please help me feed my family.' I had a cup there and anyone who gave me $1, $5, anything like that got $100 in return. One woman actually came back and she offered to get me food. She asked me what I want for dinner or lunch. One gentlemen came back and he had his son and he said 'I want to teach my son how to give.' I thought that was incredible. Another man actually started crying. Another man actually recognized me for some other videos I did, kind of blew my cover a little bit, but that was pretty cool. All positive reactions. Everybody was shocked -- a couple of tears and it felt really good to give during these holidays," said Breach.