'Everybody is stepping up:' Protesters, family of teen killed in officer-involved shooting march to Mayfair

MILWAUKEE -- Protesters calling for change walked nearly four miles from Milwaukee to Wauwatosa on Saturday, June 6.

March from 76th and Burleigh to Mayfair Mall

The march was for two men and a teen killed by Wauwatosa police over the last few years. A family attorney for the teen says the three deaths involved the same officer.

A prayer before protest kicked off the demonstration at 76th and Burleigh. For many, it's another day of marching with a message.

"We can make a difference just by marching," said Jaisha Rountree.

Demonstrators say the protest is for those killed by Wauwatosa police in recent years, wishing other tactics would have been used in each, ultimately fatal situation.

Alvin Cole, scene of officer-involved shooting

Tracy Cole

17-year-old Alvin Cole was killed in an officer-involved shooting near Mayfair Mall in February. The teen is accused of firing a gun before an officer returned fire, but his family disputes that. The case is still under investigation.

"He was a kid. He was a very loving kid. He lived life to the fullest," said Tracy Cole, Alvin's mother.

As marchers moved through Wauwatosa, they raised their voices -- calling for change.

"We're not saying police are bad people at all," said protester Jeremy Kloehn. "We are saying some of the symptoms they operate under need to be changed."

Jaisha Rountree

Those who marched feel that they're part of a movement.

"There's more than one state, there's 50 states. Everybody is stepping up," Rountree said.

While the Cole family attorney confirmed that the officer who killed the teen has been involved in three other deadly shootings, the Wauwatosa Police Department has not confirmed that.

The Wauwatosa Police Department issued a statement on Saturday on it's Facebook page.