"Everybody can succeed, it only takes dedication:" 9th annual Fatherhood Summit gives loads of support

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- A week of empowering work is culminating with a Milwaukee event which is receiving national recognition. It's Milwaukee's 9th annual Fatherhood Summit, and it involves more than a thousand area dads making an effort to improve themselves, and their families.

"I encourage every man if you got any type of problems in your life and you really wanna change, and you really wanna get back into your family's life, this is the event for you," said Louis Lee, with the Milwaukee Fatherhood Initiative.

Lee says the gathering connects fathers to a network of support, and then puts the onus on them.

"Stop playing the blame game, stop trying to blame everybody else for you failing. Everybody can succeed, it only takes dedication," said Lee.

Various workshops address various personal and parenting issues, including child support, employment and health.

"Our focus is to make sure that men become more committed, involved and responsible in the lives of their children, families and communities," said Dennis Walton, Outreach Coordinator for the Milwaukee Fatherhood Initiative.

The Milwaukee Fatherhood Initiative hosts the summit. This year, Walton explains it's the bookend of the first ever boys and men of color week.

"With all the negative things that happen in our community, this is one of those things that you can highlight. As for men, black men, men of color -- doing something positive," said Walton.

It's one which is having an impact well beyond southeastern Wisconsin.

"It's on the radar nationally. People are calling from all over the country looking at Milwaukee Fatherhood Initiative as a model, and the things that we're doing here in this city as a model to take to other places," said Walton.

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