"Every tree is grown in Wisconsin:" For many, Thanksgiving weekend spent getting ready for Christmas

MEQUON -- As the Thanksgiving dinner settled, many opted to head out to pick up their Christmas tree! For many, this weekend was devoted to celebrating one holiday -- and then getting ready for another.

Slawinski family at Noffke Tree Farms

Many Christmas tree lots in the Greater Milwaukee area opened up for the season on Friday, November 27th.

Visiting Noffke Tree Farms in Mequon is a holiday tradition for the Slawinski family.

"We`ve been doing it for 40 years with my children and now with the grandkids," Linda Slawinski said.

The hunt was on for the perfect Christmas tree.

Noffke Tree Farms

"I don`t mind them a little shorter. Makes it a lot easier for putting lights and ornaments on," Linda Slawinski said.

They took their time -- examining each tree until a winner was chosen.

"I like the short needle, real soft needle. They last a long time," Linda Slawinski said.

Whether it's a Balsam Fir or Fraser you're looking for, Noffke Tree Farms has you covered.

Noffke Tree Farms

"We`ve got the firs, we`ve got the pines, we`ve got the spruce, we`ve got five-foot trees, we have 10 foot trees. We pretty much have everything," Kathy Gross with Noffke Tree Farms said.

All of the Christmas trees are locally grown.

"Every tree here is grown in Wisconsin. You can`t get fresher than that," Gross said.

And this year's crop is one to be proud of.

Noffke Tree Farms

"It`s absolutely beautiful. We got a lot of rain when we needed it, and we have the nice warm temperatures -- so these tress are just beautiful this year," Gross said.

The family-owned farm offers pre-cut trees -- but also, the opportunity to cut your tree down yourself.

That's what the Slawinski family almost always does.

"Makes the house smell really nice having a fresh tree," Linda Slawinski said.

Noffke Tree Farms

Grandma Linda says she hopes this family tradition lasts long after the Christmas season.

"I like to pass the tradition down to the grandkids," Linda Slawinski said.

Noffke Tree Farms is open Friday, Saturday and Sunday -- typically from 9:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. -- weather permitting.

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