Ethics complaint against New Berlin alderwoman moves forward

NEW BERLIN -- A New Berlin alderwoman is accused of using her position of power to raise her own property value. It's a claim she 100% denies, but on Tuesday, December 4th an ethics complaint against her moved forward.

A New Berlin ethics committee has found there is probable cause Alderwoman Laura Karvala may have committed an ethical violation. 

Neighbors have accused Karvala of supporting the closure of her street, Wilbur Drive and increasing traffic onto other nearby streets -- in turn, raising her own property value while lowering that of others.

Karvala denies those claims, saying the move makes the neighborhood safer. Karvala is a real estate agent, and says claims of property values being raised is bogus.

"I don't think probable cause will prevail and I've done everything by the book. There was 35-40 people backing me and only four to five backing them," Karvala said.

One of the neighbors at the committee meeting Tuesday opposing Karvala's actions told FOX6 News they hope Tuesday's decision is a step towards undoing the street closure.

"We're using everything we possibly can to get the word out and say 'let's do what's right for the whole subdivision,'" the neighbor said.

The full ethics hearing will be January 3rd.