Erik Buell Racing could soon return: New owner wants to get the business back up and running

ELKHORN/EAST TROY -- The motorcycle company "Erik Buell Racing" could soon return.

Bruce Belfer of New Jersey bought the Elkhorn-based company last week. He says his first order of business is to turn the key and get the business back up and running.

That would include bringing back any former employees who want to return. Erik Buell will remain president.

“There’s not a single piece of machinery that I don’t have or can’t buy. EBR is people, skilled people, craftsmen and innovators. That’s what I was buying. Everything else I can buy at the store," Belfer told the Milwaukee Business Journal.

In April, Erik Buell Racing closed its doors and filed for receivership to clear up debt problems.

Belfer is CEO of Atlantic Metals Group LLC., which fabricates metal products for architectural, lighting and other uses.

Belfer told the Milwaukee Business Journal he intends to maintain a “significant” presence in Buell’s East Troy facility. On the prospect of any operations moving elsewhere, he said it is “too early to say.”

Hero MotoCorp, which formerly owned almost half of the Erik Buell Racing company, will buy Erik Buell Racing’s technology and design consulting operation, the Milwaukee Business Journal reports.

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