'Enjoying the heck out of it!' Fourth of July at Summerfest brings out newbies and veterans

MILWAUKEE -- As the sun starts to set on the final days of Summerfest 2019, the Independence Day holiday proved to be a good day to enjoy what's left of the summer tradition.

"We are enjoying the heck out of it! It's a beautiful day, get a good breeze, beer is cold, we're all doing good," said Mark Haugen, festival goer.

With free general admission tickets doled out, smaller crowds greeted those seeking an alternative option to the normal Fourth of July fare.

"Saw the fireworks and the parade last night, so today's just a real easy day," said Haugen.

On the grounds Thursday, both festival veterans and newbies offered tips to first-timers.

"If you're a teenage girl and you see a cute boy, get his Snapchat, don't just walk away," said Layla Nagel, festival goer. "Wear lots of sunscreen and then number three, drink lemonade."

Don't forget about the food. What would the holiday be without ice cream or the holy trinity that is Saz's sampler platter?

"Once-a-year kind of thing, you know, you got to do it," said Dan Gebhard, festival goer.

For some, it's not about the food, it's about the music and dressing up for the Independence Day occasion.

"The music, the music is really good. The bands, I never really went to a lot of concerts so since I've been in Milwaukee, this is all I've dreamed about," said Houston Crushon, lives in Milwaukee.