Enjoy the 4th annual FOX6 Days of Dining at Milwaukee restaurants

MILWAUKEE -- FOX6 and MilwaukeeFood.com have teamed up again for the FOX6 Days of Dining. It's Milwaukee's only city-wide Restaurant Week set for October 18-23, 2012.

For six days, diners will be treated to specially priced, three-course menus for lunch ($10/$15) and dinner ($20/$25) at restaurants from all corners of the Milwaukee area.

No passes or coupons are required. Simply show up any participating restaurant to savor and save.

The Smoke Shack in Milwaukee's Historic Third Ward is among the establishments participating in the FOX6 Days of Dining.

"It's a good way for people to come into businesses that they've either been thinking about going to, or haven't really heard of it, and they get to be like 'this is a really good opportunity for us to go try that new place,'" Matt Ryan, general manager of the Smoke Shack said.

Smoke Shack officials say they're excited to participate in the event this year.

"A silent dining room, plates coming back clean -- that's what we like to see. That's why I do what I do," Smoke Shack Chef Alex Sazama said.

Downtown Milwaukee's Sake Tumi restaurant has been a part of the FOX6 Days of Dining for three years.

"We're pumped-up. Gonna get some good deals here and then get a lot of people coming in our doors," Chef Al J. Flores said.

There are literally dozens of restaurants taking part in the FOX6 Days of Dining.

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