Employee at Holy Redeemer Christian Academy accused of sexual contact with minor

MILWAUKEE -- Disturbing allegations against a school employee. Milwaukee police confirm a staff member at Holy Redeemer Christian Academy is in custody for having sexual contact with a minor.

Holy Redeemer Christian Academy

Charges are pending in the case, but the man was arrested earlier in the week -- and FOX6 News was not expecting the response we got from his employer.

At Holy Redeemer Christian School, parents and students pride themselves on values.

"It's a great school. The pastors are great. The teachers are great," said Angiwetta Hills, parent.

That's why news about a staff member has come as a surprise.

"I found out through my daughter which is very disturbing," said Hills.

Angiwetta Hills

Milwaukee police confirm a Holy Redeemer employee has been arrested for sexual contact with a minor and other related offenses.

FOX6 News is not naming the man because charges are pending.

"I know he was just a man at our school. I heard he was doing things he shouldn't have been doing," said Dajohnnae Hills, student.

Angiwetta Hills says the school has not informed parents, despite her requests for answers. Instead, she found out from her 16-year-old daughter.

"They're usually great at informing us about things that are happening at the school, but for some reason we haven't been informed," said Hills.

School leaders tell FOX6, the allegations are, "simply not true."

Holy Redeemer Christian Academy

"I feel like the parents should have been notified as this being a Christian school -- if something that sick happening in the school," said Hills.

Parents and students now wait for information, looking for a better picture of what happened.

"It's just like disgusting," said Dajohnnae Hills.

FOX6 News is told charges are expected in the coming days.